Starting off 2017 right


Ah, a new year…just like millions of others I’m resetting and restarting with a set of goals/resolutions for 2017. One of which is to post to this blog at least once per week (if not more) and I’ve picked Sunday as that day…so here I am!

Over the last many months I’ve been posting mostly pictures because of all the sewing & quilting I’ve been doing but I don’t have any pics today. We’ve had friends visiting for the last three days and I just haven’t been able to pull away to my sewing cave (waaaah!); as such I’ve decided to post about how I’ll be keeping track of my goals & activities this year.

This year, I’m going back to a paper & pen – I’ve been using my phone and Google Calendar to keep track of appointments but that doesn’t allow for just doodling and brainstorming (at least not for me!). I was lucky enough to win The Quilter’s Planner a few months back and I’ve been chomping at the bit for January to get here…yay! I’ve also been reading a lot about a different style of planner called Bullet Journal – I like the idea that you create the planner as you go and there’s ample opportunity to doodle & brainstorm whenever the mood strikes. I pulled out an old spiral notebook and started playing around with it for the last week of December – I kind of like it so I’ll be trying to use my Quilter’s Planner like a Bullet Journal as much as I can. If it continues to be something I enjoy I’ll take the leap and buy a notebook geared toward that process.

Since I’ll be using paper & pen a lot more I feel like I need to brush up on my penmanship so I’ve joined a FB group called #rockyourhandwriting. They offer prompts every day to help you write about something as a way to practice. The same person has another group called #planwithmechallenge that shares tips & tricks for using a Bullet Journal and prompts for making sure you keep up with your planner throughout the year.

The last thought for today is to share my “Word of 2017”. I chose a word in 2015 (Indulgence) and it really helped guide my decisions and actions…somehow I missed the bus in 2016 and didn’t chose a word…but I got it together this year and my word is:


I spent way too much time thinking, planning, preparing, PROCRASTINATING in 2016 so this is my year to DO something 🙂

Wish me luck!!!



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