Doing and procrastinating

So the first week of January has been productive in one regard and not so much in another…argh!

I’ve picked up a new obsession…Bullet Journal (Bujo to the in-crowd). I had read about it a few years ago but didn’t really ‘get it’ so I moved on.  I stumbled back on it last week when I was starting to use The Quilter’s Planner, Stephanie mentioned that her planner could be used to Bullet Journal and it piqued my interest. I Googled it and searched Pinterest and, well, that’s all she wrote…I’m hooked!

The good news is, I think I ‘get it’ now and I’ve jumped in with both feet. I bought the recommended journal and started using it right away. What I like about it the most is that everything is in one place. A few years ago I wanted to start writing in a gratitude journal every night but I would forget and just go to bed – I also wanted to track my progress for exercising but the spreadsheet was in the computer and I would forget about it…there seems to be a theme 😦

Anyway, the point is each thing was in a different place and I would just forget to use them. With the Bullet Journal the idea is to PUT IT ALL IN ONE PLACE. Yes, it’s a written planner/journal/tracker but I find my mind connects better when I actually write stuff down versus using technology. Now don’t get me wrong, I still put my appointments in my phone/calendar so I get automated reminders but everything else is going in my Bujo 😉

The other thing I really like is there’s a whole online community that is so supportive and encouraging – kind of like the quilting community. Creative people are so dang nice!!

If you’re interested in learning more about Bullet Journal here are a few resources I found very helpful: from the creator Ryder Carroll himself Kara Benz has fully embraced Bullet Journaling and offers many hints, tips and techniques. She also sells printables to use in the journal

Here are a few pages from my very first Bullet Journal:




Next up – I’ve started C25K over this week and YAY I did all three workouts…whoop whoop!! I’ve already posted the first two days so I’ll just put day 3 in here. We had a bit of bad weather Friday night into Saturday (nothing like the weather forecasters were predicting – thank goodness!) Still, I didn’t want to run outside so I talked Hubby into pulling the treadmill out of the corner of the garage and setting it up where I could use it 😀

My times are not quite as good as when I run outside but I’m not gonna fuss over it!



Now comes the procrastinating part…I’ve had lots of available time on my hands over the last many days that I should’ve been putting into finishing The Kitten quilt — but have I finished it??? Nope. I’ve worked on it here and there and the top is almost complete, I just need to add two more border strips but I know I should’ve had it done by now. I’m not sure what the problem is but I committed to having it finished this month so I better GET OVER IT!

Here’s a picture of the rows all pieced, I’ve since added borders to the left and right


As I did last year, I’m following along with a few BOMs (Block of the month) and QALs (quilt alongs). First up is Amy Gibson’s Cookbook Quilt Along. I followed her Sugar Block Club last year and I really enjoyed it so it was a no-brainer that I’d do this one too. I’ve decided to use all solid fabrics for this one…this should be fun! Here’s the first block:


The other one I’m following is The Honey Pot Bee with Molli Sparkles. This is not a traditional bee where you mail blocks off – with this one you keep everything you make and at the end of the year you finish the quilt. I haven’t actually made the January block yet but it’s on my list today (argh, and finishing the borders on The Kitten!).

While I’m sewing I’ll be watching the NFL playoffs and there are only 7 days until the Australian Open!! I sure have missed watching tennis 😉




8 thoughts on “Doing and procrastinating

  1. Sounds like you have a full plate! I’m not very good with journaling or keeping records. Seems like having it all in one place would help. In truth, I’m not sure I could do that! Good job, you, for consistent workouts! My routine fell apart with holiday travel. Fortunately my time with the personal trainer is something I never miss, and this week I’ll have that 2x plus other workouts, as well. Will get back in the routine NOW.

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      1. I never seriously thought about it until last year, when I hurt my knee. That threw everything off, and I didn’t imagine I could pull it all back together by myself. Then I hurt the other knee and needed some PT. The therapist and trainer coordinated efforts while I got through the worst. And I’m still learning so much with the trainer I’m not interested in giving that up yet. It’s expensive, but I’m finding it worth it right now.

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  2. The journal sounds like it could really work for you. It is good to have somewhere to keep track of all the different strands of life. It’s funny how our minds work, the first week of January has just finished and I’m already feeling twitchy about the things I haven’t done – reality check required, all those goals aren’t going to get moved along in the first week of the year ☺ We are Andy Murray fans here so the tennis season is a nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat affair!

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    1. Ha, it’s so true about keeping it all in perspective. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s all about consistency – it won’t all get done in one day 😉
      Andy has done really good this last year…being #1 isn’t easy, I hope he does well in 2017!

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  3. Nice intro to your bullet journal. I feel similar – while it won’t make me get rid of all my apps or online conveniences, it feels better mentally to do something on paper and have something physical I can go back to. The trackers especially are keeping me honest and on point, making me get off my butt to complete tasks that I otherwise might give up or ignore.


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