WooHoo!! The top for the commissioned Dog Gone Cute quilt is done!!

This first shot is indoors on my design wall


For the next two pics I went outside to get some natural light…yes, that background fabric is pretty busy & bright but it’s what the client wanted 😉20170311_11394020170311_113833

Next up is choosing a backing fabric and quilting. I think I may go with organic lines like Lorna does on most of her quilts.

I got caught up on The Honey Pot Bee blocks for Feb & Mar. They issue multiple blocks each month but I’m only choosing one. The interesting part will be putting all the blocks together at the end of the year as they’re all varying sizes.


I’ve fallen behind on the Cookbook QAL but hope to get caught up this weekend by making all 4 blocks…fingers crossed!


No running in the last few weeks instead I’ve been doing low-impact cardio videos…I started out with 10 mins a day and have increased to 30 mins. I alternate between these videos and repeat them to get at least 30 mins. I can feel I’m getting better but for beginner workouts they’re pretty robust!


I’m still using my Bullet Journal…it keeps me focused on the things I want to do and helps me stay accountable to DOING them! It seems the act of just writing it down really motivates me … yay!!

Here’s my combined weekly/daily spread

This is my Mood Vines…doing a mood mandala is just too much for me and I saw this idea on the Boho Berry Tribe Facebook page so I’m using it!!

Lastly, here’s my March Tracker…most of the things I’m tracking are health/exercise related cuz that’s where I need to focus right now. As you can see…no C25K running at all this month, at some point I’ll get back to it.

What projects are you working on and how’s your progress?





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