A quiet week

I’ve been a little low-key and semi-unproductive this week. I did work on a couple of projects that have been sitting around collecting dust, otherwise not much happening.

The APQ UFO Challenge number for March is 12 and that corresponded to a Cozy Christmas project that has been waiting to be quilted since Christmas. It’s a small project so I tackled that this week; I decided on free-motion twinkle stars (that’s not the official name but that’s what I’m calling it!). It quilted up in one evening and then it took another day to figure out what I wanted to use for binding – I settled on plain red fabric…DONE! And I just love my new labels, makes it look so professional 😉



Next up I’ve started quilting on the MQG Fabric challenge mini/wall quilt. I did straight line quilting in the ‘arrows’ but now I’m stuck on what to do on the rest…grrr! I want to use a more dense design to hopefully allow the arrows to stand out but nothing is coming to me so, now it sits waiting…




That’s all the quilting/sewing I’ve done this week. We had a friend come for an impromptu visit so that distracted me a bit. She left yesterday morning and I used the fair weather to go out on the deck and baste the Doggie quilt. The customer chose a lovely dark blue Island Batik, I think it helps balance all the ‘noise’ on the front. Now to decide on how to quilt this…I’m thinking of ‘organic wavy lines’ in my go-to Aurifil Dove Grey 2610…we’ll see if I stick with that idea once I get it under the needle!



I’ve got my Bullet Journal all setup for April – I took some time this week to review which spreads and layouts I’ve really liked over the last few months and what I wanted to adjust. I made a list of those spreads and the order I wanted them in for April and started building…sqweeee, now I’m all excited to start using them 😉



As for running, nope. I do want to get back into it – my running buddies have take a little hiatus too so I don’t feel so bad :-/  I’ve been doing YouTube cardio videos every morning so at least I’m moving and maybe it won’t be so hard to get back to running…yeah, hopefully!

That’s all for now. What are you working on and how’s it coming along?

2 thoughts on “A quiet week

  1. The Christmas quilt is really cute – I especially like the back! Our quilting bee leader keeps a framed piece of glass (I think it’s maybe 12×12 – just plain glass with a frame around it) and a Sharpie and uses it to draw design ideas on blocks. Then she wipes it off and starts again; it’s a great way to try out several ideas.

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    1. Thanks, I really like that backing fabric too! Unfortunately I got it on clearance and can’t find it anymore 😦 Great idea about using framed glass to draw quilting designs…I just might have to add that to DH ‘honey do list’!!! LOL

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