Starting over

So… I’ve been beating myself up over my poor exercise habits (read: lack of) and I’ve finally had enough. No one else is gonna do this for me so I’ve got to ‘put on my big girl panties’ and get off my arse! I stumbled across a YouTube video this week from a channel called London Real – I was looking for more information on implementing David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” process. I realize this video was made mostly for promotion of their product but the first half of it really hit home for me…especially the “Extreme Ownership” part. It was just what I needed to hear!!

Last night I decided I was going to get up this morning and go for a run…then when I got back I was going to do some Strength training exercises and Stretch. I’m happy to report I did all that!! Yes, I had several moments this morning where I tried to give myself excuses not to do it but I stopped myself and called BULL-SHIT!! There was absolutely NO REASON I couldn’t workout this morning. I am to blame for being over-weight. I am to blame for not being fit. I am to blame for every piece of junk food that goes in my mouth.


I may have to watch that video every day for the next month but if that’s what it takes, so be it. I’m not getting any younger, and getting in shape isn’t going to get any easier so NOW is the time.

I must have carried that attitude with me on the run because my pace was a bit faster than it’s been in a very long time – ha!

5.27.17 rd

That’s all for now…I’ll be back tomorrow with a quilting update…have a GREAT day!

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