Keeping my word?

Last week I committed to extreme ownership regarding my health and fitness which meant I needed to workout with some form of cardio, strength and stretching every day…so let’s see how I did:

Monday 5/29 I completed a run and did my stretching


Tuesday 5/30 I followed YouTube videos for 30 min Cardio and 15 min Lower body strength training ending with a 15 min stretch.

Wednesday 5/31 I completed a run, followed by 15 min upper body video and 15 min stretch


Thursday I completely bailed – UGH!!! We drove to Myrtle Beach for the weekend and I blew off all my workouts 😦

Friday 6/2 I went for a run and did 15 min stretching


Saturday 6/3 & Sunday 6/4 – I totally blew it…I did NOTHING – I’m so pissed at myself!! We drove back from MB today and tonight I’m going to re-watch the video that got me so fired up. I WILL be back on my plan tomorrow!


As for sewing & quilting – since my machine needed servicing for the feed dog drop function I couldn’t do any quilting but I could do piecing, so that’s what I did. I finished a flimsy top using a pattern from Block magazine called “Piece Out”. I pulled two 1/2 jelly rolls that had coordinating colors from my stash and followed the pattern instructions making 3 piece strip sets then cut them into blocks.


Then I used the sew & flip method to attach 80 squares – one to each block, here they all are arranged on my design wall.powall

And here’s the completed top, folded and laying in the spot where my machine usually sits. I dropped her off at the sewing center Wed afternoon before we left town.podone

I’ll pick her up tomorrow and start my next project, the commissioned t-shirt quilt. I received 5 more shirts in the mail last week so I have everything I need to get going.

That’s about all for me…how are things in your world?



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