Not much this week

It’s been one of those weeks…I just didn’t get much done 😦

I wonder if it has anything to do with watching all the Hurricane Irma coverage! ugh! For some reason I’ve been geeking out about Irma and have spent WAY.TOO.MUCH time watching The Weather Channel.

Yesterday I finally got off my duff and basted two commissioned quilts. One is a cross-stitch top that the customer wanted me to quilt & bind…aren’t those butterflies beautiful!!


It just needed straight-line quilting which was already printed on the top…woo hoo, easy-breezy! Now I’ll square it up, add binding and give it a delicate bath.

I also basted the Clemson t-shirt quilt with the backing fabric that arrived a few days ago. I really like her choice of fabric – although it has a pattern it reads like a solid from a distance. I tried to take a picture of it with my phone camera but it just wasn’t capturing the color correctly so this is a screen shot from the web.


I also picked up another quilting job!! I got a referral from a customer I made a quilt for earlier this year. For the new customer, I’ll be using clothes from a recently departed Aunt to make a quilt for the Uncle (I think I’m becoming known for making quilts with clothes!). She dropped the clothes off Friday and gave me free reign to make whatever I thought would look good…ugh – so hard to know what that means!! I’ll start to work on it after I get the Butterfly quilt finished and start quilting on the Clemson t-shirt quilt.

It looks as though Hurricane Irma will not impact my area as harshly as they had been forecasting (I live just south of Charlotte, NC)…we’re expecting minimal wind and rain and the possibility of pop-up tornadoes late Monday into Tuesday.

That’s all I have for now…maybe next week will be more productive!! ttfn…

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