Busy week

I just realized I didn’t post my W1D3 workout last week… I think I may be getting my legs and lungs back, ha – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it’s only Week 1!!


Last week I also made some Christmas cookies…Hubby likes the Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookie recipe however he doesn’t like the chocolate chips!! So I make the cookies for him and substitute extra nuts in place of the chips, I guess they should be called Walnut cookies! I also made a batch of Oatmeal cookies for me…my favorite. Here’s the ‘in process’ mess…


If you’re a Weight Watchers member you know they updated their Smart Points plan last week…it’s now called Freestyle. Everything still has Smart Points but there are many, many more 0 point foods now – like Chicken Breast, Fish, Beans and Eggs. Clearly the plan guides you to choose lean protein over other foods.

I saw an Instant Pot recipe for Chicken Taco soup and decided to give it a try. OH!EM!GEE! It was fantastic!! Very satisfying & filling and two servings (1 cup each) were only 2 smart points!! The points come from the Taco Seasoning mix and the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing seasoning mix. This couldn’t have been any easier – just dump it all in at one time, set at High pressure for 30 mins and it’s done!!!


I finally finished the Redskins top…woohoo! It measures 75×84 so it will be nice and big to cover DH while he’s watching the games. And with the way the Redskins have been playing he’ll need the extra comfort! Ha! Of course that means I’ve got to get it basted, quilted and bound before he can actually use it! I used a couple of cheap tshirts I found online, some yardage of Burgundy & Gold and a few pieces of the backing fabric I had left over. It’s not a brilliant design but it’ll serve the purpose 😀  I plan to do the quilting in a yellow/gold thread which should add some interest to all the burgundy yardage… hmmm, must start thinking about what I’m gonna do in all that open space!


That’s about all for now…I plan to do Week 2 Day 1 a little later today when the temps get above 40 degrees! so I may be putting up another post later 😉



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