Baby, Birthday & quilting

My niece sent me these pics last week showing little Campbell laying on the Elephant pillow I got for her…oh, my heart is just bursting at how sweet she looks!!!



I sure do miss my snuggle time with that little girl ❤

It was my birthday yesterday – we really don’t make a big deal about celebrating anymore – we just go out for a nice dinner. I picked a new restaurant for us called Firebirds in Charlotte’s South Park area. It was a nice place and the food was good, although DH has some issues with his prime rib. The manager made it right by giving him another steak of his choice…so all ended well. We snapped this picture on the way out…don’t I look stuffed!!


I pulled out an old ufo last week, basted it and started quilting. I really didn’t know how I wanted to quilt it so I just jumped in, echoing the trees and adding some swirls all around…you can see the quilting better on the back.


I’m halfway done and should finish it up today.


The new house in Myrtle Beach is still coming along but painfully slow – here are a few pictures our friends sent yesterday – the original date was Oct (!) At some point both me & DH are gonna blow our stack at this builder for how long this is taking…maybe after the holidays – UGH!


That’s about all for now…I’ve been doing some 2017 reflection and planning what I want to accomplish for 2018, for me that’s both painful & fun…LOL!

3 thoughts on “Baby, Birthday & quilting

    1. Thanks Paula…they send me pics of Campbell all the time and I have to refrain from posting them all, LOL! The house is very exciting but it’s been so long since they started it feels like they’re stealing some of my joy. I need to put my foot down and maybe even threaten some legal action…but I find all that so unpleasant :-s

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      1. Ohhh, I’m sorry to hear that about your house. But don’t let it steal the joy. Yes, wait until after Christmas to have a chat with the builder. Then bring on the hellfire and brimstone if need be, 😀

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