Bowl cozies!

I made a few more bowl cozies this week by request…ha, maybe this could become a little side job!

These four were made from a pack of 10″ squares of Batik fabrics and are already sold.


The teal ones not quite in the picture were shown in my Jan 14 post and are going to a neighbor across the street from me along with the other two in this shot.

I also made two others that I seem to have forgotten to take pictures of, argh! They were made for a friend to give to her son who just moved into his first apartment. They were shades of gray & black.

I’m still working on the t-shirt quilt, I’ve cut all of the shirts and now need to play with layout. I also have four gymnastics leotards to fit into the layout but haven’t cut those just yet.


I have not even touched the wedding dress yet…eeek, that’s freaking me out! I did find some design options online and sent those to the customer. She said she was fine with whatever I do – oy, that much creative freedom scares me :-/  I plan to start on it after I have the t-shirt top completed, I have a little time to build up my nerve!!

I’ve made no progress on my Scrap Attack project for Jan but I hope to change that today. It’s a gray, rainy day here…perfect for sewing!!


Since I don’t have any other photos to share, here’s a gratuitous shot of my 10 week old great-niece

campbell 1.28


Oh yeah forgot to mention I haven’t been running 😦 I took an antibiotic (Levaquin) earlier this month for a sinus infection and I’m having some side-effects. My ankles and my right wrist have been hurting and feeling rather weak. I called the Dr and unfortunately this is known side-effect of that medicine – and it can last weeks or months – UGH!!! I’m pretty bummed about all this 😦 I’ve been drinking water like crazy hoping to flush it out of my system and I do feel a tiny bit better – although that could just be in my head. I’d recommend steering clear of that medicine unless you have no other choice!!

That’s all for now…






9 thoughts on “Bowl cozies!

  1. Hi Sharon. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been able to run recently… antibiotics really can floor you more than the infection does sometimes. I hope you feel better and that you’re back up and running again soon.

    p.s. your great niece is very cute! 🙂

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  2. …. ” I’m still working on the t-shirt quilt, I’ve cut all of the shirts and now need to play with layout. I also have four gymnastics leotards to fit into the layout but haven’t cut those just yet. ”

    Did you cut the leotards yet and have you some more fotos how to do and how the ready quilt is looking?
    I have a pile of old leotards and so I am interrested to see what you can do with them.

    Thanks you !

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    1. Hi Martina, I did finally cut into the leotards but I didn’t take any photos of that specific step. After cutting I did a test piece for ironing the stabilizer onto the backside to make sure the fabric wouldn’t melt! I covered it with an extra piece of fabric and used a medium setting on my iron just to be safe. Now that the stabilizer has been ironed on I’m treating it like any other piece of fabric. I’ve posted a few more recent pictures of my progress but I haven’t actually sewn any of the leotards into the quilt just yet… I’m a bit slow getting this quilt done!!


      1. Hi,
        Thanks for the answer!
        Great that you have cut the leotards now for getting part ouf the quilt.
        Think that the colors and design of them will be a beautiful eyecatcher and a nice memory too.
        Good idea with ironing a stabilizer. I was wondering how to do with the stretchy fabric.
        They have been yours? Wasn´t it hard for you to do the first cut…?
        Think on the first step I might have a little problem to do it with my leotards.
        So much of memories…
        To be honest: I am suffering by the thought to cut my good, once so loved leotards .
        But they are too much and I don´t need them anymore.
        And I am shure that they might get a beautiful quilt too!
        Maybe I should give them away. Would you quilt them for me?
        Did you cut the leotards in squares like the shirts or in special parts showing their origin?
        I should like to see more pictures of them.
        Might it be possible to show fotos of the leotard-pars and how you arranges them into the quilt ?



  3. Hi, me again.
    I just now have seen that you has cut the leotards in rectangles and inserted in a line of the prepared quilt. The shining fabric is a beautiful eyecatcher and looks great!
    So will you insert some more parts of the leotards into the quilt?
    Congrats for that beautiful work!
    Would like to see the progress.


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    1. Hi Martina! I just made a new blog post with a picture of the finished top. I only used the front section of each leotard that had the gym meet logo. The shiny fabric did make it a little hard to sew because the material kept shifting so I had to put a pin in about every inch, thankfully the pieces weren’t that large! I can send you more closeup pictures of them sewn in if you provide your email address.


  4. Hi,
    shame that only the front sections. It looks so great!
    But now I can understand you, cause – as you wrotes – the shiny fabric of the leotards seemes to be really hard to manage.
    I read too that it is a work for a customer. So it probably wasn´t hard for you to cut the leotards ready for that quilt.
    Other thing for me with my once so loved leotards…
    But anyway: They are too much and they have to go now!
    It would be fine to send me some more closeup pictures showing how you did with the leotards and how the progress is going with the quilt.
    Maybe that way I can learn how to do with my leotards or might I send them to you?
    My email is:

    Thank you very much!


    1. Hi, I’ll send you some close up pictures this week. I can’t take on any more projects right now. I already have two waiting and we’re supposed to be moving in a few months! You should give it a try – start with just one of the leotards and see how it goes 🙂


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