Little wins

I got a few things accomplished this week on the sewing front, first up is my new table topper for March. I wanted something that said “St Paddy’s Day” without being too obvious…I’m really happy with this.


I’ve made considerable progress on the tshirt quilt (well, it feels that way to me!). I just need to sew on the two side panels and piece the top row. This project feels like it’s taken forever but I’ve really only been working on it for 2 months…in between other distractions (ehem…starting new projects).


I really need to do something about my ‘design wall’. I need to be able to pin these heavier pieces and right now there’s nothing to pin in to :-s  Since we’ll be moving soon (fingers crossed it will be in April) I don’t want to put anything up now…but the plan for the new sewing room is to use insulation squares under flannel sheets. I can’t wait!!!


This week I took a leap and filed our taxes online using Turbo Tax. I do everything else online so I’m not sure why it took me so long to do this! It was super simple once I had all my documents collected and although it was not free (because I chose to e-file both Fed & State) it was still less than half of what I’d been paying locally to have them prepared…so win/win!!


No new pictures of the house but DH did make a trip down last week to have a ‘meeting’ with the builder. He vented all of his frustrations about how long this build is taking and feels like he made his point…so let’s hope we have a finished house in March.


Still no running for me but I can tell my ankle is starting to feel better. If it keeps improving I’ll restart the C25K program in a few weeks. We’re having a very early spring here in SC – the trees have started to bud and some maples are even sprouting leaves. I sure hope we don’t get a cold spell, no clue what that will do to the trees and plants 😦


That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!!



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