Last week

I received the new shipment of backing fabric last week for the tshirt quilt but I haven’t pieced it yet…so no progress to show on that project.

I’ve finally started working on the wedding dress project…I sat on the floor one evening and deconstructed the dress!! I held my breath doing that first seam but once that was done I was a seam ripping fool!!


I’ve cut a few blocks 12.5 and 6.5 and now I need to decide what layout I’m going to use…start & stop, start & stop…ugh! No clue what I’m going to do with that bodice!?!


I got a new kitchen gadget – an air fryer. I’ve been researching these things for about six months and I finally pulled the trigger. I purchased the GoWISE 3.7-Quart Air Fryer, model #GW22639 (I am not an Amazon affiliate but probably should be with all the plugs I give them!).


Our first use was to make chicken tenders and french fries – ha, real healthy! But at least they weren’t cooked in grease :-p  I cooked the french fries first and was quite pleasantly surprised how nicely they browned and crisped up. I put them in a warm oven to stay hot while I cooked the frozen chicken tenders. They turned out just as good, except I probably would reduce the cooking time by a minute or 2 because they were a little too crunchy 😉 When I pulled the fries out of the oven they had lost some crisp so I popped them back in the air fryer for 2 mins and – voila – they were crunchy again!

airfryer food

For my second time I decided on something a bit more healthy – boneless, skinless chicken breast. I brushed each breast with olive oil and sprinkled them with seasoned salt. I followed cooking times I found through Pinterest (380 for 15 min and 350 for 10 min). The outside was nice and brown although a little chewy but the inside was cooked perfectly. I’ll probably just do 350 for 25 mins next time. I didn’t even think to take a picture until AFTER we had eaten – ‘doh! – but this is all that was left.

airfryer food2


I haven’t talked much about running because I haven’t done any – ugh! I experienced some side affects from antibiotics I took back in January and my ankles are just now feeling better (look up Levaquin if you’re interested). Now I’m struggling with motivation…which is no big surprise!! LOL I’ve signed up for a Half Marathon in October so I’ve got a little time to get back in to the swing…I’ve just got to get started!


The builder is FINALLY starting to make some good progress on our house in Myrtle Beach. DH went down a few weeks ago to have a very strong chat with the fellow…and it seems to have done the trick. In the last two weeks all the lighting has been installed, the driveway has been poured and the plumber has installed the faucets and toilets. The appliances are scheduled for delivery March 28 and as of last week the builder said he would be ready for them (ha, they’ve only been rescheduled 4 times already.), so fingers crossed! The next big hurdle is installing the heat pump outside and then the hardwoods and carpeting…no timeline on that just yet.


That’s about all for this week. I’ll be watching the ATP Finals at Indian Wells today…Go Roger!!


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