Weekend in Charleston

Each year DH goes to a Corvette Car show in Charleston…he’s attended all 18 years!! Now that’s commitment, ha! I haven’t always gone with him but I did this year and the weather was just perfect for sitting in the middle of an asphalt parking lot – low 70’s, lots of sunshine and a slight breeze.

We drove down on Thursday to enjoy the scenery – these first two pictures were taken at Water’s Edge restaurant on Shem Creek, just over the BIG bridge in Mt Pleasant.

4.19.18 Charleston4.19.18 Charleston2



This picture is from the day before the show after he had wiped the car down several times. There were plenty of other Corvette owners at our hotel so he got to talk cars all day!


Here he is putting the finishing touches on before the judging begins.



Here are two shots of the car show on Saturday – there were over 350 Corvettes at the show – plenty to look at! There were some vendor booths selling various non-car related things so I got to do a little shopping, but nothing quilting related 😦


I finally finished off the wedding dress quilts but didn’t take very good pictures…and the owner has already picked them up so I can’t take more. I was so happy to be done with that project and I will never do another. The fabric is extremely difficult to work with and that’s after all the stress of actually cutting up someone’s wedding dress!!

This is the front & back of quilt #1


This is quilt #2 but I added more lace to the top and bottom edges after I took this picture – it just looked like it needed more.

I also made two garter’s from the dress fabric – a first for me – that project wasn’t so hard but it took a little extra time.

Regardless, it’s done and gone & I’m happy it’s over!!


Yesterday I finally basted the tshirt quilt that’s been in a holding pattern for more than a month. I’m sure that customer is wondering ‘what the heck is taking so long’! I started quilting on it last night BUT…I’m going to have to rip it all out!! Waaaah! I could tell the first bit of stitches didn’t look so great but I thought it was just because I was out of practice, I soon figured out I had the wrong needle it AND I forgot to drop my feed dogs – ACCCKKKK!!!

skipped stitchesripples

So today I’ll be frogging all those stitches and starting over – just as well because the backing also has a few ripples…Wow, I’m really out of practice 😦



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