Hand to Help 2018 Challenge

This is my third year participating in Sarah’s H2H challenge and I must say this year was a bit of a challenge for me! We’re moving in a few months (the date keeps getting pushed back) so I’ve been living in limbo and haven’t been nearly as productive as I would like to have been. Because of all that, I haven’t finished any of the ‘scrappy’ quilts I planned to donate so I’ve decided to pull a few finished quilts from my stash to send off to the charities this year:

  1. Jolly Bar Baby quilt

This quilt will be mailed off to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids.


2. Black & White Granny squares quilt

This quilt will be mailed off to Emily of Em’s Scrap Bag for people undergoing chemo.

b&w done

Please visit Sarah’s link up page to view all the beautiful quilts being donated this year!!


12 thoughts on “Hand to Help 2018 Challenge

  1. I love both of these quilts and know they will bring a smile and comfort to their recipients. I especially like the quilting you did on the Jolly Bar quilt. 🙂

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