Back to running…

I’ve been doing C25K for the past week…woo hoo!! And even a few days at the beach didn’t stop me 😉  Not my fastest times but right now I’m just focused on getting out the door!!

W1D2 5-20-2018W1D3 5.22.18W2D1 5.24.18

These first three runs were done in the afternoon/evening at home…the next one was done in the morning in Myrtle Beach – UGH it was so muggy – and it affected my pace.

W2D2 5.26.18

I’m supposed to do W2D3 today and although we just got back from the beach and the weather is a little iffy – I’m still bound and determined to “Get ‘er done”!


I haven’t done any sewing since my last post so nothing to show 😦 Hopefully I can get a little time in the sewing room tonight!!

That’s about all…ttfn

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