Time off

I took a few days off because DH was having knee surgery for a torn meniscus


He didn’t really need me to take off, especially since I work from home and can be available to help if he needs it…but I figured I could use the time to sew & quilt while he’s laid up šŸ˜€

I should be spending time working on all the WIPs & UFOs I have but no…I wanted to work on something new so I pulled my July Scrapattack project early and started working on that! I pulled “Velocity” which is not a free pattern (darn it) so I decided I would wing it and figure it out as I go…can you see where this is going?!


The angles were pretty easy to figure out – I held up one of my quilting rulers to the picture and it matched up to the 60% line. That was easy…I grabbed my scrap bin and started cutting 2.5″ strips and then used the 60% line on a 4.5×8.5 ruler and made the angle cuts. I pieced 20 blocks in one sitting.


Now comes the hard part…those end pieces!!! Ugh – how the heck do you figure that out??? I had no clue so I cut a few 12″ squares and then cut them diagonally but that didn’t quite cover it, the angle wasn’t the same šŸ˜¦ Back to the drawing board and after a few more ‘bad cuts’ I finally figured it out! Please don’t ask me how – I’ll never be able to explain it LOL

I added 4″ borders to the top & bottom and 2.5″ to the sides, now it’s 52×59.


Early this morning I made the backing for the Velocity quilt and I also basted it!! Along with two other quilts that have been patiently waiting in a stack in the corner of my sewing room


And since I like to start with the smallest one first, I went to town on the autumn batiks squares at the bottom of the picture…and now I have a finished baby quilt!!!

This was my first time quilting Orange Peels but I got the hang of it pretty quick – I love how it looks on the back too!!




A quick update on our new house in Myrtle Beach, the outside is done and so is most of the inside…there are two issues that need to be taken care of before I will say it’s ‘completely done’. Let’s see how long this takes!!!???


That’s all for now…

Have a safe & Happy 4th of July!!!

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