More finishes!!

I took off a few more days this week…since the 4th of July fell on Wed, I added Thur and Fri. The weather here has been so uncomfortably hot & humid, I spent a good part of those days in my sewing room getting things done!

First up, I quilted and bound my Velocity quilt. This was my scrap attack project for July that I started early and now it’s completely done!

These first two pictures are before washing, it was cloudy almost all day yesterday so as soon as I saw the sun peek out I ran outside for pictures, lol



And here it is after washing…LOVE that crinkly goodness!


You may recall I had basted three quilts last week so the next logical thing to work on was that third one – it’s called Piece Out and the pattern is from Missouri Star Quilt Co Block magazine, Fall Vol 3 Issue 5.

I started quilting on it last night with intentions of finishing today…but I got in a groove and the quilting was done before I realized it!


I saved the trimming and binding for today and finished that off this morning. I didn’t have any of the original fabrics left for binding so I searched my FQ stash and found four prints that match pretty nicely to make a scrappy binding!


And that backing fabric is just so pretty, in fact it says that word along with dream, love, bloom, cherish and a few others.


I was about ready to post it for sale on FB when I showed a picture of it to a friend and she bought it!! Wow, that was fast! šŸ™‚

That’s about all for now…have a great rest of your Sunday!


3 thoughts on “More finishes!!

  1. Your Velocity quilt is really beautiful! Iā€™m glad you were able to sell the Piece Out quilt so quickly! I made a RWB version a couple of years ago and loved using it on the 4th of July watching the fireworks!
    Happy Monday!


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