Smaller finishes

Since I finished three quilts in the last few weeks I decided I’d work on some smaller projects…and how cute are these Elephant Plushies (free pattern alert!) I had some fun fabric and extra polyfil laying in the corner so it all just happened!


I made the big blue one first and then made a baby…


Then I added another baby…img_20180714_143004.jpg

I’ve made two more big ones to send off to my sweet great niece – her room is decorated in pink & gray and I used some of these same fabrics to make a quilt for her crib last year.

Campbells elephant plushies

Next up I’m going to make a golf seat cover for my friend in Myrtle Beach – we’ll be going down next weekend so I’d like to take it with us.

That’s about all for this week…Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂


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