Finishing WIPs & UFOs

Over the past month I’ve been working on finishing some WIPs & UFOs that have been laying around and I have more to show this week…squeee!

This first one is a WIP I just started last week but at least I got it finished so it wouldn’t become a UFO! This is called Sarah after the pattern in the Fat Quarter Baby book. I highly recommend this book, all the patterns are adorable and so quick and easy to make.



A few weeks back you saw a glimpse of this next quilt (which I’ve titled “More or Less” after the name of the block) when I got it basted and now it’s done! I decided to use a quilting motif I call ‘Daisy’…it really makes a statement but it’s kind of a pain to quilt because it leaves so many thread tails to bury. Thankfully this quilt is only 47×59 so it wasn’t too horrible. This first picture is before binding – it shows the quilting in all it’s glory!


For the binding, I went with a medium brown fabric from my stash to try to keep it gender neutral although that backing fabric speaks for itself, lol!


I’m super happy with how this turned out and will be posting it for sale on my FB page.


Speaking of posting things for sale, I posted the Sarah quilt for sale last week for $45 and got an email from a quilting friend I met online saying the price for my quilt was way too low and didn’t reflect my time in the price. She’s right…I know that…my husband has told me that many times. I have a hard time putting appropriate price tags on my work because I don’t place enough value on my time. She shared this blog post with me as a way to encourage me to be better.

I read the blog post and I also reviewed some additional information she shared and after all that I’m going to post this recent finish for $155…just typing that makes my stomach flip!! I have no illusions that it will actually sell for that price but I have to start somewhere, right? πŸ˜‰


I shared a few weeks back that I made some elephant plushies for my great niece and here she is with them… she is just the cutest baby ever!!!



In other news, I didn’t walk as much this past week – only 2 days…ugh. Can someone please kick my ass?!!! ‘Nuff said.


Have a great rest of the weekend…ttfn!




8 thoughts on “Finishing WIPs & UFOs

  1. Beautiful quilts! I too faced the challenge of pricing. I just couldn’t make myself do it! But it really is the true worth of these beauties and also makes it fair to other crafters making a living on selling their creations. As someone who works on the corporate side of retail, I can see the normal markup is 60-75%! I try starting with a 50% markup from the cost of the project and work from there. Great post πŸ™‚

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      1. Same here! I’ve had about 3 commissions and I definitely priced on the low side. But my work is hosting a marketplace for Christmas, so I need to start working on some pieces to sell and see how it goes from there. I don’t think I’ll make a business out of it. Maybe just the Christmas marketplace if it works out well, word of mouth commissions, and sewing for myself and some donations as well ❀


    1. Hi Karla, all of my ‘paid’ work has been word of mouth commissions which is great but also adds a bit of pressure for me. I want to do a good job to ‘earn’ the referral so I spend extra time but I don’t add that into the price. Ugh, one day I’ll be better about it πŸ˜‰

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  2. Pricing is a headache. Having sold a few quilts for little more than the cost of materials and then experiencing the gut-wrench of ‘but what about my time and skill’ I do now price them a little more realistically. But still not accurately reflecting a living wage per hour of work…. One day…!
    We shouldn’t undervalue our work – a handmade quilt really can’t be compared with a mass produced item.

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    1. Hi Allison, I completely agree pricing is a headache. I started out selling small quilts for just the cost of materials because this was ‘just a hobby’. It’s still a hobby but I’ve sold quite a few things and have been commissioned for several t-shirt quilts…so I REALLY need to get better at pricing. One day!!


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