Short and sweet…

I was out of town much of this past week for business meetings so I don’t have a lot to share. I left on Monday, returned late Thursday and I was too exhausted Friday to do any sewing. I set my targets pretty low for Saturday – just get Campbell’s quilt basted.

I dragged my ironing board out onto the deck along with my favorite basting spray (not an affiliate link) and tackled that project. Since I had everything all setup, I figured I’d do a few more – so I grabbed another finished top from my pile and just kept going. I basted three more before put everything away.

Of course I didn’t even think to take pictures during the process 😦  The temps weren’t too bad when I started but by the time I finished I was soaked with sweat – ugh! It was SOOO humid – where the heck is Fall?!

Here’s a picture of all four basted sandwiches draped across my couch

(from l-r: Limelight, Squared Out, Moda Love, Campbell’s receiving blanket quilt)

I’ll start quilting on Campbell’s first since I need to have that done before I go up for a visit in early November for her 1st birthday!! My plan is criss-crossed diagonal lines to create a diamond pattern, that shouldn’t take me too long :-p

And that’s all folks… Have a great rest of your weekend!


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