Still procrastinating

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m still procrastinating on that commissioned t-shirt quilt. Needless to say I won’t be taking on another one of these any time soon. I’m seriously burnt out on this type of project 😦

Over the past two weeks, I did actually finish re-working the top by pulling out one of the sections and moving it to the back…and last weekend DH helped me get the monster basted but… since then it’s been hanging over the ironing board in my sewing room untouched. Even though I’ve put it on my To-do list every day for the last week, I’ve just ‘ignored’ it 😦 Grrrr, I can be so frustrating – LOL!

We are still planning our move to Myrtle Beach and have F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. picked a date – Feb 9th – so I’ve REALLY got to get a move on this quilt if I have any hope of finishing it before I have to pack up my sewing room – YIKES!

Speaking of moving – I’ve contacted Penske to get a quote for the truck rental, I’ve contacted a local moving/hauling company to get a quote for the manpower to load said truck. Once we make the reservation for the loading they’ll work with their franchise in Myrtle Beach to reserve manpower on the other end to unload said truck. It’s all starting to come together and we’ll be in serious packing mode very soon.

That’s about all for now…if you have any spare motivation, send it my way so I can get that quilt done!

ttfn 😉


4 thoughts on “Still procrastinating

  1. Word of advice regarding quotes. Get them in writing &, if possible, with written guarrantee of no more than 10% overage. Estimators are notorious for under estimating the weight of fabric. This will, hopefully, avoid a surprising hike in price at delivery. We have moved many times, i always have a special box or two that contain things that I want to have my hands on until last minute & immediately once moved. (I don’t want to be searching for my phone changer or other essentials.) Enjoy!

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    1. Thanks for your advice on moving! We’re actually going to be renting & driving the truck ourselves but we’re hiring manpower to help us load & unload. It’s definitely going to be an adventure…we were 13 years younger the last time we moved 😉


    1. Hi Karla! Yes, t-shirt quilts are definitely a lot of work…and for me it’s even more pressure when it’s for someone I know because I want them to love it! Ugh, yes I need to start packing…and I’m not looking forward to that either!! Ha!

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