Moving the needle

Ah yes, that title is an intended pun! I don’t have a lot of progress to share but I did at least get the commissioned quilt iron basted…meaning after spray basting it outside a few weeks ago it sat draped over my ironing board waiting to be ironed to ‘really’ set the spray basting.

I finally got around to doing that yesterday – and I should’ve kept that momentum going but I’m still not sure how I want to quilt this monster. Part of me says to do straight line quilting down and across to create a ‘box’ effect but I’ve had issues in the past with the backing getting rippled and tucked when I do that. My go-to quilting motif is a random meander which will take quite a bit of time on a quilt this size but I’ve had much success with that on t-shirt quilts. So…I guess I just answered my own question!!! Ha!

Now that that’s settled, I’ll load up 4 bobbins, change my needle and HOPEFULLY get started 😉

Have a great rest of the weekend…ttfn!!



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