Myrtle Beach update

I’m posting this from the new house in Myrtle Beach!! No we haven’t officially moved in yet but we have just enough basics that we can sleep here – LOL. We have beds and some kitchen supplies so it feels more like a hotel than a house at the moment. We’re planning the big move at the end of the month – keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

Here are a few shots of our make-shift living spaces:

  1. Kitchen and current workspace


1a. Check out our new plates…fitting don’t you think?


2. Master Bedroommvimg_20190310_092954

3. Living room (Poor Sammie is so used to having rugs to lay on, I threw one of my quilts on the floor for her but she’s in her dog bed in this picture!)img_20190310_093008

4. My new desk that DH & I put together yesterday…no chair yet 😦  (the view out the window is of my neighbor’s house and the 11th tee on the golf course we back up to)img_20190309_163739

5. The electric fireplace TV console…for the huge TV hubby had to have! By the way, the fireplace is excellent…I highly recommend (not affiliated in any way!)mvimg_20190307_100159

6. Last but not least, this is where my sewing room will be


We’ve been here since Wed night and will be heading back to our other house tomorrow. I’m surprised we survived here for 5 night with so little stuff – maybe that’s a sign that we don’t ‘need’ so much!!


2 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach update

    1. Thanks Karla! I’ve been working from home for the last 13 years and DH has been retired for the same amount of time, so we’ve gotten used to being around each other non-stop…but it was rough at first for sure!!!

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