If you’ve ever moved you know how exhausting it is…especially if you’ve lived in your current home for 13+ years. How the hell did we accumulate all this stuff?? That’s the blessing and curse of having lots of storage space in our current home 😦

We’ve been weeding out stuff as we go through every room – deciding what will stay for the Estate Sale, what will get trashed and the rest is getting packed.

Here’s what we’ve got stacked up in the garage to load on the truck tomorrow. We’ll be adding to it today with another bed to break down and my office to pack up. I saved those for the very last.


I’ve torn down my sewing room and hidden in the middle of all those boxes is all my fabric stash (!) DH couldn’t believe how much ‘stuff’ came out of that room!! Here’s what it looks like at the moment


I still need to shrink wrap that cart and breakdown the table where my Pfaff sits. The Pfaff is going in the car with me along with a few other items I want to keep in my control.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to ‘pack’ my over-sized cutting mats? I don’t want to roll or bend them…my only idea is to sandwich them between the box springs! Help?

The rest of the house looks like this – boxes and paper everywhere. We were extremely lucky to have neighbors who moved into our area last year and who used professional movers…they gave us all their boxes! At first we didn’t think we’d need that many but we’re going through that stockpile pretty fast!


That’s about all for now…wish me luck for tomorrow and the rest of the week as we head on down to Myrtle Beach to unload and unpack. Ugh, my back hurts just saying that!!


10 thoughts on “Moving…

  1. I certainly feel your pain! The first trip down was for my sewing machines (all 7 of them), thread, general sewing supplies and my cutting boards. I have a Ford Escape – I put the cutting boards in first, my largest board is 24 x 36. I covered the boards with a moving blanket. I put the machines on top of the blanket and put batting between the machines. The cutting boards didn’t get warped and I’m still using the same ones two years later!

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  2. I lay my large cutting mats on the floor of the trunk first when I pack for the retreats I facilitate. Have never had a mishap. Wow – what a job you have but I’m sure there’s joy to follow!


  3. Wow! That’s exciting that you are moving. I have moved a lot over the last few years but I’m always surprised at how many boxes it takes. I hope the move went well and that you are settling in to your new home. 🙂

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    1. Hi Kirsten, hope all is well with you! So far the move has gone well…we still have all the furniture to move but we’re going to hire help for that :-p The plan is to be all moved by next weekend 4/13…keep your fingers crossed for me 😉


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