Short & sweet

I’m back in our ‘old’ house for a few days to put the finishing touches on packing and hopefully get the truck & movers lined up for the furniture. DH is still dragging his feet but he’s getting better :-s

I have a few pictures to share of the new house and a new quilt project I started last week. Yup, I no sooner got my sewing machine setup and I just HAD TO start something!!

First up here’s a few pics of the new house

One side of the kitchen all setup. I lost about 4 cabinets from the old house to the new one so I had to figure out where everything would fit!
And here’s the other side, facing the living room.


This is one side of my new Happy Place!! I plan on adding a few book shelves for fabric storage and DH is going to make me a design wall out of insulation board…so more to come!

And here’s a shot of the Criss Cross quilt I’m working on with all of my solids stash & scraps. I plan on adding two more columns but that will have to wait until I get back there 😦


That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!!

8 thoughts on “Short & sweet

    1. Hi Karla, I love having that window in front of my machine too! The table I have is very old – it’s only 4ft and has adjustable legs and folds all the way down and in half. I found a very similar one on Amazon:

      It’s a really good size for my space although it doesn’t really help when I have a big quilt to quilt!

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    1. Yes, it’s pretty darn easy…just sew three 2.5 strips together (I used strips from FQ), then use the 45 degree on a long ruler to cut the angles. The trickiest part is sewing them together…gotta have that 1/4″ tip showing on both ends or the pieces don’t line up straight afterward. I have a few places that are ‘off’ but I’m going to try to make it work when I sew the columns together 😉

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