Moving and sewing update

Let’s do the moving update first:

We still don’t have the furniture moved yet – UGH! I drove back down to Myrtle Beach (MB) early last week with a car load of stuff and I plan to stay through Easter. DH came down late Thursday with his car loaded…not sure how long he’s staying. He mentioned our next step was to rent a small truck to bring down ‘non-furniture’ items and I asked him why the ‘next’ truck couldn’t be the furniture and save the last truck for everything else. This made him think for a minute and he didn’t have a good answer so I think I won!!! hahaha! Time will tell 😉

As for sewing, I’ve been working in my sewing room almost every day. I’ve finished the Criss Cross top and squared up the top & bottom edges. I’m going to wait to square up the sides because there are quite a few bias edges in the strips and I think it’s stretched in the middle…ugh, we’ll see how quilting goes!


This quilt is going to be donated to one of the charities from the Hands2Help challenge coordinated by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. It’s not too late to join in!!

While I was taking a break I started scrolling through IG and came across a post from littlequiltsong with the cutest heart quilt… of course that meant I had to follow the links, print out the pattern and start making my own!! Ha! So now I have another quilt to donate 🙂


When I read the pattern details it said the 6″ heart was fat eighth friendly and I knew I had a bundle that had been collecting dust far too long so I pulled it out and got started. I need a total of 25 hearts…I’m about half way there! I wish I could remember the name of this fabric line but for some reason I opened it and didn’t keep the wrapping 😦 If you recognize it, let me know…I appears to be some spin on Alice in Wonderland…?

[Edit I found the fabric online: Wonderland by Rifle Paper Company for Cotton and Steel Quilt Fabric]

And next up is a new fabric purchase…ahem, yeah I need more fabric like a hole in the head but when MSQ puts up a sale on Alison Glass Sunprint 2019 layer cake I just could not resist!!


That’s about all for now…I need to get Criss Cross basted and start quilting on it…the H2H deadline is May 19 so I have a little breathing room but I’ll also be away on a business trip the whole week of 4/29.

Have a great rest of your weekend!




5 thoughts on “Moving and sewing update

  1. Hi Sharon, I’m glad to see you are enjoying your new sewing room! I love Alison Glass fabric also — I ordered a bundle of FQ from a shop on Etsy who was having a sale otherwise I would have purchased the layer cake from MSQC — I LOVE their daily deals!

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    1. Thanks Tierney! Good luck with your move to Colorado!!! Hopefully yours goes faster than mine 😉 I know what you mean about ‘so many boxes’… I couldn’t believe how many I had packed – I kept asking ‘where did all this stuff come from?’


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