A day late…

I usually post on Sundays but I spent the day in my sewing room so I’ll get caught up today!

I finished my Simple Hearts quilt for Hands2Help2019, this will be sent to Jack’s Basket. I quilted hearts within the hearts on a string down the quilt.


I had a 1 yard cut of a Cotton+Steele blue diagonal dot fabric so I added another blue (not shown) to the bottom of that for the back. It’s all washed and ready for mailing.


Next up I should’ve been working on a back for my Criss Cross quilt, instead I pulled out the bonus blocks I made from those scraps and started playing with layouts…


Option 1 – this looked busy and I needed to figure out how to make it bigger
Option 2 – still busy on the eyes and not big enough

This is not an Ad, but I finally got to use the Bloc Loc ruler I purchased last year and WOW does it ever make it easy to trim HST!! Just line up the diagonal seam in the slot and trim the sides. Never knew how much I needed one of these until I got one and used it!! Highly recommend 🙂


…And here’s the finished top for all those bonus blocks. This will also be sent to Jack’s Basket.

Final top measures 37″ square

I also worked on getting my new sewing room organized this past week. DH assembled the bookshelf I bought and I immediately started sorting my scraps by color and used some old baskets to hold them. This is not the final storage layout but it works for now! I’m also thinking about getting another bookshelf for the other side of the window.


We also got two 4×8 Insulated foam board with our Lowe’s delivery this weekend to be used for a new design wall – squeeeeee! Thanks to Christa for posting such a thorough tutorial. I can’t wait to get started but I need a few more supplies first – like duct tape, a staple gun and a flannel sheet. The duct tape and staple gun are still at the other house and I’m going to order the flannel sheet today!

Ok, that’s enough for now…have a great week!






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