Settling in

This past week has been all about getting settled in to our new home. DH had to go back to the other house on Monday and since he left his car there I rode back with him Monday night (4 hours). I needed to be back in Myrtle Beach for work and a hair appointment so I got up Tuesday morning and drove back …what a whirlwind!!

My reward that night…one of the local restaurants has 1/2 price tacos on Tuesday and it just happens to be on the second floor of a building on the beach so this was my view for dinner!


I also cooked for the first time in the new house…I put a pork loin in the crock pot on Wed and made myself this plate for dinner!


The thing I’m most excited about is finally getting my new design wall up! I spent Thursday evening in the garage cutting and wrapping the 4ft x 8ft foam insulation boards. I knew I didn’t need an 8ft tall design wall so I cut them down to 6ft. I purchased a Full size white flannel sheet set for about $30 and used the flat and fitted sheets to wrap each 4×6 section. Oh boy, that was fun šŸ˜¦


DH got home late Thursday and helped me ‘mount’ it to the wall in my sewing room…I’m so stinking happy with this!!! šŸ™‚ Squeeeeeeeeeee! I put my scattered triangles up on one side and I still have so much space…I’m just loving it!!


And last but not least…I got to put my feet up yesterday afternoon and have an adult beverage sitting on our new patio furniture. Yep, I think I’m really gonna like it here šŸ™‚


That’s all for now…

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