Scrap Happy

I’m still working on my scrappy postage stamp quilt while my client decides on backing fabric for the memorial quilt.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen these pictures. A few weeks ago I sorted my scraps by color and now I’m pulling each basket out in rainbow order to make as many postage stamp blocks as I can using Sarah’s tutorial. Clearly I have way too much pink…


I struggled not having enough orange scraps so I had to bust into my FQ stash


And lastly, with the yellow addition


I’m currently cutting strips from my green basket and hope to have that added to the wall by the end of the day! After I have all my blocks made I’ll decide on a final layout and start piecing them together. At this rate I might have enough for one big King size quilt or I might split them into two smaller quilts…we’ll see…


As I mentioned last week, I re-joined WW and yesterday was my first official weigh in. I’ve been weighing at home first thing in the morning with no clothes on so it’s not an equal comparison to their scales but I calculate I’ve lost 2.4 pounds since starting. They keep saying 90% of weight loss is from the shoulders up and they are SO RIGHT. I’ve been so much better about food choices and snacking this first week because it’s been top of mind and I know I’ll be weighing in every week. It’s just the accountability this “Obliger” needs! That’s a reference from Gretchen Ruben’s book ‘The Four Tendencies’ – you can take the quiz here for free. This is not an ad, it’s just that after I read her book and took the quiz I finally came to terms with the fact that my personality type really needs external accountability when it comes to doing hard things…so why fight it!!!


DH is currently at our other house doing yard work and getting it prepped for the estate sale. Coincidentally, he hired an acquaintance to do some yard work and his Uncle was looking to buy a house …so… they came over Friday to look at the place and appear to be really considering buying it!!!! Oh my goodness, that would be so awesome!! Please say a prayer and send out lots of good vibes that this works out for us ❤


That’s all for now… I’m headed back to my sewing room…have a great rest of your weekend!!

Happy Father’s Day!



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