Lots of progress has been made on my Rainbow Postage Stamp quilt… in fact, the top is DONE!!

Here are a few shots as I made progress – all colors are now completed


I pressed the seams open all through the process…doesn’t the backside look almost as good as the front? haha


Here the piecing has begun…


And after I put the final stitches in last night there was enough light left outside for a quick picture! I had my final calculations off just a bit so the final top measure 90″ square (I know it looks long in this picture…I guess it’s just the angle)


Unfortunately I have to put this to the side for now and work on the memorial quilt 😉 I’ve been shopping online for wide fabric so I don’t need to piece the back but haven’t found anything I just have to have…oh well, more shopping for me!!


In other news…I’ve made more progress at WW, I’m down 1.4 this week SQUEEEEEEEE! I can feel the difference in my clothes (they’re not so tight!) so I’m encouraged to keep going 🙂 We’ve been eating home a little more, I think that’s helping too.


A little more progress has been made at our other house – we finally got the storage unit emptied!! Woohoo, no more monthly bill for that! The estate sales company we hired moved all the sell-able stuff to the house and the sale will be held on the weekend of 7/20. Once that’s completed, we’ll see what’s left and decide whether to donate or dump it. DH talked with the buyer last week and he’s having his attorney start the paperwork to transfer the house – the closing will be some time the week of 8/19. They also agreed that we would take care of the lawn until the end of July and the new owner would be responsible after that.

It appears to be coming all together but I’ve learned a long time ago to never ‘count your chickens’ until they’re hatched, so I’ll ask for continued prayers and good thoughts for this to all work out ❤ 🙂


That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend!

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