Procrastination and a new project

When the procrastination monster strikes I usually start a new project…hahaha, somehow that makes perfect sense in my head!

I should be basting and quilting the commissioned memorial quilt but instead I just ‘had to’ start making a quilt I’ve been seeing on IG. It’s a pattern called Meadowland from Then Came Jane and there’s a hashtag on IG where it seems everyone is making it!!

I pulled some FQs I’ve been hoarding called Fleet and Flourish by Maureen Cracknell and finally gave in to the monster! I started cutting and piecing the blocks on Thursday…


The first block I made had a few mistakes – oy! As I was making the flying geese using the ‘No waste’ method in the pattern, I was so focused on getting everything lined up that I didn’t even notice I had the fabric turned the wrong way!!! Ugh!

img_20190705_110742 img_20190705_110806

Front side of the block                                          Back side of the block

It wasn’t until I started piecing the flying geese into the block that I noticed my mistake. It was too late to turn back at that point so I just decided to ‘go with it’! My next mistake was not reading the pressing instructions…now I have a few significant bumps where the pieces intersect. This one I could fix but I think I’m just going to call this block my ‘tester’ and move on! I actually have 13 blocks cut and the size I’m making only needs 12…so unless I make more mistakes I’ll have one extra anyway 😉

Here are the 7 blocks I have finished so far… the pics are a little over-exposed because I keep taking these at night using the ‘brightner’ on my phone.


Once I get the rest made I’ll need to turn my focus to the commission quilt… it’s so frustrating when I do these things!!


Update on my WW journey: I’m down 1.0 this week – YAY! Progress is good and I still feel like I can have pretty much anything I want but now I decide whether ‘spending’ the points on it is really worth it 😉


No updates on our other house, things are still moving forward with the estate sale and the sale of the house. Keep the good vibes coming ❤


Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂


6 thoughts on “Procrastination and a new project

  1. I once read that fabric has two sides, but no “wrong” side. Although, at first it may be counterintuitive, it is ok to use the back side of the fabric (no quilt police lol). Your block with the back side looks fine. It wasn’t until I looked at the 2nd picture did I realize which one was reversed. The ‘bumps’ can be tamed using a wool pressing mat & a clapper. I’m not sure you were actually procrastinating, but fueling your mojo. It can be beneficial to switch up between projects to keep the excitement going.

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    1. Thanks! The more I look at it I don’t mind it 🙂 As I continue making the blocks I’ve had a few of the flying geese come up a bit short so I may just keep this block after all and if so, I’ll tackle those nasty bumps! Haha, I like the thought of ‘fueling my mojo’ !!


    1. Thanks Karla, I’ve been following the Meadowland hashtag for a while and I’m just so smitten with it!! 🙂 I’ve been staying within 5pts of my daily allotment on WW and that’s probably why I’m seeing good results 🙂

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      1. I went through my digital magazines this morning after reading your post and found a very similar block — I avoid buying patterns — because they sit in my sewing room FOREVER –and I hate to waste money

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      2. I know exactly what you mean about buying patterns, I have too many collecting dust 😦 Thankfully I got this one when she put it on sale last month so I made the purchase 😉 Can’t wait to see your version of this!!


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