No sewing

I don’t think I stepped into my sewing room all week… 😦  Oh wait, yes I did … but not to sew.

I’ve been frustrated with those annoying wire shelves in my pantry, cans and bottles toppling over or sitting all skewed. So after watching a YouTube video about Dollar Tree hacks, off I went to purchase the supplies. When I got home I measured the width and length of my shelves, cut the foam board and contact paper, nervously peeled off the backing and put it all together.

I don’t have any in progress shots, I was way too nervous to think about taking pictures but here’s the ‘After’ shot


I don’t have any ‘Before’ shots of these exact shelves but I haven’t done the other shelves so this is what it looks like right now


In the YouTube tutorial, she makes a lip to hang over the front edge of the shelf…I’m not interested in that…just wanted something functional 😉

I also need a better solution for seeing and accessing the items in the back of the shelves…I guess I’ll search YouTube for some solutions!!


In my sixth week with WW I dropped 2.2 pounds…I was so pleasantly shocked! So far my total dropped is 8.4…whoop whoop!!! I’ve been having little indulgences like animal crackers every evening and Skinny Pop White Cheddar popcorn for snacks so I don’t feel deprived in any way. I do need to find a suitable solution for a chocolate fix, the WW snack bars just aren’t ‘chocolate-y’ enough for me 😉


No new changes for the sale of our other house. The estate sale is on track and we should close in August. I appreciate the continued positive thoughts ❤ 🙂


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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