I didn’t get much done on the Esmerelda quilt because I had more company…this time I really enjoyed it!! My niece was here for 4 days, we just hung out and did whatever we wanted – it was so relaxing 🙂

I did get all the pieces traced, cut out and adhered to the background…and I even got the elephant stitched down last night. Now I need to do all the little pieces :-p

Before applique

I plan to get the rest of the applique done today and unless something unexpected comes up I should be able to get the 5″ squares pieced and have the top all completed too!!


Another successful week with WW, down 1.6!! I’m unofficially down 10# since I started but because I didn’t officially weigh-in until a week after I started they have me at 7#. That’s ok…as long as the number keeps going down I don’t care how we count it!! lol


Speaking of my niece…we didn’t take a lot of pictures and some of them were in pretty bad lighting but we had a nice time with her and that’s all that really matters. We’ll be going to MD in October for the baby’s 2nd birthday – it will be DH’s first time meeting her!


DH traveled back to the other house last weekend and delivered the memory quilt to my customer. He said she was a little emotional and she sent me a very nice text after ❤


That’s about all for now…enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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