I’m almost done with the Esmerelda commission baby quilt. My DH’s cousin picked this pattern out of the choices I gave her – this will be for her 3rd grandchild due in October. I’ve made 2 other quilts for her other grand children.

She had a specific color scheme in mind and wanted flannel. I gave her the fabric requirements, asked her to go JoAnn pick out the fabrics and send them to me. I think she did an awesome job!

Here’s the top with just the center quilted, I’ve since added orange peels in the outer squares and the binding is sewn to the back. Later today I’ll finished sewing it down to the front with a simple zig-zag so it can withstand years of washing 🙂


No other sewing this week – I wanted to prioritize getting this done and mailed out to her for the baby shower in mid-Sept. Also, we’ve got a little storm called Dorian bearing down on us next week…ugh…our first Hurricane season living in Myrtle Beach!


I went to my weigh in yesterday, I was up .8. Not horrible but I thought I was going to be the same as the last time I weighed 2 weeks ago. It’s ok, I’ll just keep plugging away. Also, my neighbor decided to join WW and I gave her my code for the referral so I’ll get a month free once she’s been on the program for a few months. It will be nice to see the program through the eyes of a ‘newbie’ again.


I needed a little brightening up so I had highlights put in my hair yesterday. I wanted it to be a little more blonde but this is so much better than my natural mousy brown color!


That’s about all for now… enjoy the rest of your long weekend!!


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