Esmerelda finished

Not only did I finish the commissioned Esmerelda quilt but it’s already been mailed and received…and good thing too because baby Lucy made an early arrival!

I’ve never used flannel for binding and it was a little tricky…it kept wanting to slip and slide all over the place, because of that I was a little unhappy with the finished look – but after it gets used and loved I’m sure I’m the only one that will notice! 🙂

DH’s cousin was over the moon happy when she received the quilt and sent me the most heart-felt message…got me a little choked up ❤ I can’t wait to see pictures of Lucy laying on or wrapped up in this quilt!


While I watched the US Open this week I made a few more scrappy improv blocks. I’m pulling my color bins and just putting scraps together until I can cut a 10″ block. It’s kind of fun having no pattern or instructions to follow :-p



Hurricane Dorian blew through Myrtle Beach on Thursday but we were spared the worst of it because the eye wobbled a bit more East than North – Thank God!! We still got gusts around 60mph and a ton of rain but we didn’t have any damage and never lost power – wow! That was our first hurricane living here and I’m not looking forward to any more!!


My WW studio was closed most of the week due to the impending storm but opened back up on Saturday, my weigh in day. I couldn’t believe that I actually dropped .4! I was so stressed out from the storm I was eating way too much but at least it was WW friendly food – I guess that helped! lol

That’s all for now…have a great week!!

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