More progress

I made a little more progress on my scrappy improv rainbow project – I got the batting cut to size and I pieced the backing.

Here’s the back hanging on my design wall. I’ve had this bronze dot fabric for a while and up close it’s really pretty – but in pictures it reminds me of measles!! I didn’t have enough for the whole back so I added the other dot fabric.

I’m also participating in the #grannycabinsewalong and this week we needed to cut our fabric and make a test Block A. I’m so glad I made a test block because I don’t like how the print on my color 4 fabric looks once it’s cut and pieced into the block. I think it interferes with the design of the block so I’ll be finding another option.


I spent some time this last week decorating above my kitchen cabinets. I had been waiting for DH to install ply board so my decorations wouldn’t get lost below the molding and then a friend said “why don’t you just use foam blocks to sit the items on?” Well HELLO! Why didn’t I think of that – LOL!! I measured the space and went to the store to find the size I needed but none of my local stores had the right sizes or enough foam blocks so I went to Amazon and found exactly what I needed. A few days later I started working on it.

I purchased all the decor a few months ago and unfortunately I didn’t buy enough greenery 😦 and now the store doesn’t have it out because they’ve switched to the seasonal stuff – UGH!! Crap!! I guess I’ll just have to wait until after Christmas to buy more – FML!


I went to WW yesterday and as I suspected I went up a little bit, 1.2 to be exact. I splurged quite a bit this last week so I need to buckle down and get back on plan.


Update on the house in Lake Wylie: The buyer has officially backed out and we told him he will not be getting his deposit back. DH spent all last week up there and was able to clear out all the remaining ‘stuff’ that didn’t sell in the estate sale. He also got the yard back in shape so now it can be put on the market. He talked to a realtor that lives in that neighborhood and he thinks we may be able to clear more than we had agreed to with the other buyer – that sure would be nice!!

That’s all for now – have a great rest of your weekend!!

7 thoughts on “More progress

  1. I like your granny cabin block even though that fabric 4 is an unusual fabric to use for piecing unless you were doing larger sections of it because of the design.
    It is so fun to decorate above kitchen cabinets – looks like you have a nice display started!

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    1. Thanks Tierney – I initially picked that #4 fabric for the color and didn’t even think about the print – ugh! It wasn’t until I cut it all and did the test block that I realized the print was not going to work. Oh well, it’s in my scrap bin now to be used in a future project :-p I’m having fun with the kitchen cabinet decor…I just wish I had realized I needed more greenery before the ‘holiday decor’ hit the stores!

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