A new chapter begins…

Last week we found out our little baby girl, Sammie, has Lymphoma. I know, that’s an awful way to start the blog post but I figured I’d just get it over with. Sammie had her teeth cleaned at the end of August and a few weeks afterward I noticed two small bumps on her neck under her jaw. I kept an eye on them and a few days after she got groomed in October I noticed her ears were all crusty inside. I wasn’t sure if something happened at the groomers but I took her to the vet to find out what was going on.

They swabbed her ears and ran a culture, it came back as a yeast infection. They looked at the bumps on her neck and said her lymph nodes appeared to be swollen which could be a result of the ear infection. We got some drops and ear wash and ran that cycle for 10 days. When we went back for her follow up her ears were great, the infection was all cleared up but the bumps were still there so they took a sample…and the result is Lymphoma. They referred us to the nearest oncologist which is about 2 hours away in Charleston. We have an appt for a consultation this Thurs 11/21 – hopefully we caught it early and they can treat it.

Needless to say I’ve been an emotional wreck for the past week. The good news is Sammie doesn’t act any different. She still runs and plays & eats and sleeps like normal…but DH & I know and we’ve been giving her extra treats and laying lots of love on her. We need to be careful not to let her gain a bunch of weight because that’s not good for her either.


WW released their new myWW plans last week and I chose Purple. My eating has gotten way out of control especially with snacking at night. The Purple plan has the lowest number of daily points but has 300+ zero points foods so I’m hoping with the restriction of points I’ll start using the zero points foods for snacks. At my weigh in yesterday I was the same as when I weighed in two weeks ago…which is a pleasant surprise because like I said I had been snacking way too much!

I went to the grocery store and bought a few things from the zero point list like FF plain greek yogurt, SF/FF vanilla pudding mix, fruits & veggies. I’ve also been using the Connect feature on the app to search for recipes. Hopefully this change in the plan will be the kick-start (or kick in the butt) I need!!


The sale of our Lake Wylie house should be final next Monday 11/25…all inspections are done and the agreed upon repairs have been completed. The appraisal was done last Monday and we’ve not heard a word so my realtor says ‘no news is good news’ in that regard. It will be nice to have this chapter closed before starting a new one with Sammie’s treatment.


I know I asked for good vibes for the sale of our house and now I’d like to ask for more good vibes & prayers for our Sammie girl. She’s 11 years old and I’m worried she may not handle the treatments very well – even though I have no idea what the treatments may be. I refuse to search the internet about this until we we meet with the oncologist.

That’s all for now…have a great rest of your weekend.

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