Starting again

I’m slowly getting back into my sewing room and this past week I finally pulled out the tshirts for the commission quilt I need to make. This quilt is for one of my running buddies in Lake Wylie. We’ve run together many times and as I went through her shirts I reminisced about all those races.

Once I saw all the colors and laid them out on my design wall, I messaged her to get an idea of what kind of layout she preferred and as is the case with most of my commissions, she didn’t really know! I sent her a few example pictures and she liked the ‘random, puzzle’ style…so that’s what she’ll get!

Here are all the shirts pinned to my wall, this isn’t the final layout but you can see what I have to work with – lots of color! Yay!

I just realized her birthday is coming up on Jan 5th…if I can buckle down and work on this a little every day I could certainly have it done by then! Oh please let my mojo kick in!!!


I skipped the WW weigh in yesterday. I could tell by weighing on my own scale that I hadn’t lost any weight & they were having a big open house – I just didn’t feel like messing with a crowd.


I took Sammie for a picture with Santa yesterday…as usual, she hates getting her picture taken so the expression they captured is kind of perfect!!

That’s about all for now…I’m off to my sewing room to work on that tshirt quilt!

Have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

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