Merry Christmas?

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Ours was pretty low key, we exchanged a few presents and watched Sammie open a few. We also had friends join us for dinner and then watched “A Star is Born” (Lady Gaga version) afterward.

The weather here in Myrtle Beach has been unseasonably mild…like high 60’s low 70’s for the last few days – Yes! That played nicely into my plans to get a bunch of quilts basted, unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures 😦 I pulled my big ironing surface outside on the back patio and grabbed 4 quilts: Commission tshirt, Rainbow improv, Meadowland and Granny Cabin

I used my favorite basting spray from June Tailor but I grabbed the can I had purchased right after they changed the formula…ugh! Not only does it have a very strong odor but the spray is immensely sticky and not in a good way 😦 I wrote to them earlier this year to complain and they said they had to change the formula due to regulations in California; they said they were tweaking the formula to fix the smell and a few other issues and offered to send me a new can when it was released. I received the new shipment in late August but I completely forgot about it when I grabbed all my stuff to go outside yesterday…grrrrr.

Anyway, I finished basting those four quilts and I’ve ironed the tshirt quilt so it’s ready for quilting. I cleaned my sewing machine, changed the needle, changed to my free motion foot and I’ve picked out the threads I’ll be using on top & bottom. I’m all ready to get started!!


I skipped my WW weigh-in yesterday because I knew I was up several pounds and I just didn’t want that written in my book! Ha, so silly! By my scale I’m up 2.4 over Christmas…damn cookies! I’ll probably skip the next weigh-in too simply because it will be the 1st one of the new year and all the folks who just signed up will be there, it will be pretty crazy!


That’s about all for now….have a Happy New Year (and decade)!!

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas?

    1. Hi Karla, we’re expecting a cold front later tonight which should bring the temps back near normal 50’s. Sammie is doing really well, she’s taking her meds like a champ and no reactions so I’m feeling very hopeful. Have a Happy New Year!!

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  1. Oh that weather sounds lovely! I was smiling at your basting spray story as I’ve run into the same issue! It is great to use but can become a sticky mess! Then you have to get it off your hands so you don’t stick to your quilt top lol. The quilts look wonderful 😀

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    1. Hi Tierney, oh you are so right! I had that basting spray all over my hands and everything was sticking to me…argh, very frustrating! I threw that can straight in the trash afterward! Next time I’ll be sure to use the ‘correct’ can, hopefully the outcome will be better :-p

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