Plaidish progress

I’ve been working a little every day on my Plaidish quilt. If you haven’t seen this quilt on social media, click the link above to check out all the pictures on IG. It’s a FREE pattern from Erica of Kitchen Table Quilting and it’s really easy to put together.

Here are a few shots I captured this past week as I made progress. The last one shows the two left vertical rows all pieced. I’m planning to get the rest done today!

So far my plan of ‘do something quilty everyday’ is working out very well. I’ve got an 18 day streak going!!!

My habit of going for a walk every day is also doing great – I’ve got a 20 day streak going with that. Alas my Fly Lady habit did not go so well this past week, especially with traveling to Charleston Tues-Wed but I did some cleaning yesterday to make up for it and will do a little more today too.


We took an overnight trip back to Charleston for Sammie’s 30 day check up – we decided to spend the night rather than put Sammie through the round trip in one day like last time. The Dr said her lymph nodes had shrunk a little more – although we couldn’t tell. She measures them with a caliper so I’ll take her word for it! They drew blood as usual and said they’d like to see her again in 30 days. We asked if we could have the blood work and ‘measurement’ done at our local vet next month because Sammie just doesn’t like long car rides anymore. They said that would be fine, so I called yesterday and setup that appt locally. The Charleston vet called Friday with the blood work results and said everything looks good except her liver enzymes are a little elevated. Nothing to worry about right now but they’d keep an eye on it.


I skipped the WW weigh in yesterday…I knew I was up a little with the short trip to Charleston 😦


That’s all for now…have a great rest of the weekend!!

7 thoughts on “Plaidish progress

  1. Hi Sharon, glad to read that Sammie is coming along nicely! Love your plaidish quilt, your colors are fabulous. Congrats on the 18 day streak…I’ve been sewing everyday also but not quilting projects–I got a Cricut Maker and Easy Press for Christmas and have been making gifts using vinyl like crazy ♥♥ I did teach myself how to convert an applique quilt pattern into a SVG (cut file). Happy to say it worked and I got the quilt top pieced – hope to quilt it this week. I’m still doing the fasting…have a great week!

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    1. Hi Karla, wow you’ve been busy! I’d love to see some of the vinyl work you’ve been doing – I’ll watch for a blog post about it 🙂 I really need to buckle down my eating and get in a fasting groove… but I need to tackle one habit at a time, LOL

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