Unsettling times

It’s a very strange time right now…it feels like science fiction movie I can’t get out of, but I’m trying to stay calm and not let anxiety rule my thoughts. The best medicine for me is to stay in my sewing room as much as possible.

I decided to use one of the Connecting Threads fabrics that came in a few weeks ago and the remaining blocks from the Chandelier quilt to make the back. It kinda gives it an ‘antique-y’ feel.

I no sooner got that done and I found a pattern I wanted to try with all those 5″ squares I cut so down that came and up went this Scrappy Plus pattern

And here is it all pieced! The pieces sat on my design wall for a few days until I decided to throw caution to the wind and sew it together.

Last night I made a backing out of yardage scraps but I didn’t stop to take any pictures! I glue basted it and now it’s under the needle waiting for me to quilt on it today

I’ve also put another Plus quilt up on my design wall and this one will be pieced next…don’t adjust your monitor it’s supposed to be monochromatic!

I still have more than half of that stack of 5″ squares left so I’ll need to figure out what’s next!!


I’m going to mention this again…this horrible situation has taken a back seat to all the COVID19 stuff but I don’t want to forget about these people who still need so much. If you’d like to help out you can get more details here. I haven’t taken my quilts to the Post Office yet…but I better get a move on before THAT gets closed down too 😦


I haven’t lost any weight this week but that doesn’t surprise me, I’m a stress eater…however I’m happy to say I haven’t gained any weight either so I guess I’ll mark that as a win!!


That’s about all for now…stay safe and have a great rest of your weekend.

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