Plugging away

I abandoned the ‘color wash’ layout from last week in favor of a fun big block called Disappearing 25 patch. Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict posted the tutorial on her blog last Sunday and it was specifically designed for 5″ squares!

I laid out the four patches in the corners then pulled my solid stash to fill in the center row/column, yes that meant cutting more 5″ squares :-p I worked on putting the layouts together for a day and started piecing the blocks. Then came the fun part of cutting them up and sewing them back together…Ta-da! I have a finished top, it measures approx 44″ square.

Believe it or not I still have a ton of 5″ squares left!

I was going to fold the top up and work on something else but then I started pulling fabrics for the backing and before I knew it I had pieced the back!

This is where I’ve stopped. I found some fusible polyester batting in my closet and it’s the perfect size for this quilt but I really don’t like that batting. I’ll leave it for now and maybe I’ll feel differently in a few days! Ha!

I started playing with an idea called Magic Star I saw on one of the blogs I follow. Her block is made with 10″ squares but since I still have so many charm squares I sized it down and made a few. The sub block measures 4″ and the ‘star’ will finish at 7.5.

In other news, I decided to try baking again but this time it was cupcakes. Yay, they turned out so good and no finger burns!!!!! LOL I used a box yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting in a can (whipped in the mixer). It made 24 cupcakes, the rest have been stored in the fridge…but I’m not sure how long they’ll last since DH had 3 after dinner last night!!!

That’s about all for now… Happy Easter everyone ❀

7 thoughts on “Plugging away

    1. Hi Claire! I like the smaller blocks too but I don’t have the patience to make enough for a quilt LOL! I’ve already abandoned the idea but would love to see what you make with it 😊


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