Back to sewing!

I finally got my machine back late Friday from getting it’s annual service. I was getting pretty frustrated with the shop because they originally told me it wouldn’t take more than 3-4 days but they ended up having it for two weeks (ugh, just be honest people!). She’s humming like a champ now so I guess it’s all good 🙂

I wanted to jump right into sewing Friday night but DH wanted to venture out for dinner. SC has allowed restaurants to open up for limited seating both inside and out…we chose to sit outside. I was a little nervous at first but the restaurant had marked some tables closed so no one was sitting next to anyone else. We had a few cocktails and appetizers for dinner – it was so nice to get out for a little while – reminiscent of the ‘good old days’!!

I got up bright and early yesterday and went straight to my sewing room. I wiped down my machine with a clorox wipe (just in case!) and got her all set back up in her space… then I stalled! I couldn’t figure out what to work on first – UGH! I spun around for about an hour then finally decided to finish the Hexie pillow cover.

The last few pillow covers I made I used the envelope closure in back but I don’t like how it bulges once it’s been stuffed so I decided to use a zipper closure. I’ve done that before but it’s been a loooooooong time, so I pulled up a YouTube video for help. This was the first time I used this method but it worked really well! And here’s the final product

I used batting behind the Hexies and did diagonal quilting in both directions, no batting or quilting on the back.

The pillow is a bit overstuffed but it’s all I had on hand, I’ll have to get something more size appropriate whenever I get out for some shopping.

Next up I decided to finish the Disappearing 25 Patch top from April. I had set it aside because I wasn’t sure I wanted to use the fusible polyester batting I had in my stash (that just happened to be the perfect size!) But no more indecision – I iron basted it and I’ll be quilting on it today!

I also played around with a new mask pattern and I really like it!! I’ve been making masks using the Bijou Lovely pattern but I’ve been getting frustrated with how high they sit on my face…actually touching my lower lashes at times. I did some searching and found a tutorial using one of my dinner plates as a template and it sits so much better on my face!!! I especially like that I don’t have to fiddle with sewing in the elastic – you feed it through after the sewing is done! The first tutorial I followed is just two layers of fabric and it’s great but I found another tutorial with a pocket for a filter which is just as good.

The top mask is the first one I made for me, the bottom mask is for DH and has the filter pocket

I’ll be making more of these…I just need to remember to pre-wash my fabric first!! Hahaha!

That’s about all for today…I’m heading into my ‘Happy Place’ to begin quilting the Disappearing 25 Patch.

Have a great rest of your weekend!!

2 thoughts on “Back to sewing!

  1. I’m glad you have your machine back! Thank you for the links to mask patterns. I haven’t made any yet but here in the UK we are now being told it is advisable to wear a mask in indoor places where 2m social distancing is difficult to maintain. Ho! Hum! Hope I can find some elastic…

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