Starting something new…

I saw this quilt by one of the bloggers I follow and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I kept thinking I could use fat quarters (cuz I have a ton of those) so I started something new…

A few days later, I decided to make it a little bigger (20×20) then I made another block and pieces for a third.

It’s not the prettiest thing but I’m going to keep going. I’ve decided to make another gray block and then call it done. It will measure 40″ square.

I really wanted to finish my rainbow postage stamp quilt but the thought of trying baste & quilt that monster keeps sending me in the opposite direction :-p

I can’t believe I finished this top ONE YEAR AGO!! Eeeeek, I really need to get it done!!!

SC has seen a spike in COVID cases so I’m going back into self-isolation mode. I’m only leaving the house to pickup my grocery order and to take walks. We’ve gone out to eat a few times over the past two weeks but I’m not willing to keep risking it until the numbers start coming down – Ugh!

That’s about all for now…stay safe & stay sane 🙂

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