Fat Quarter Fizz

I finished the FQ Fizz quilt I started last week…funny how I’m starting and finishing new projects but I can’t seem to find the motivation to finish the stack of tops that have been sitting around for years! Oh well!

Here’s it is after quilting. I got my Sammie to pose with the top! She never does that, she must have wanted a treat really bad!!

I used scraps from the project to make the binding, I really love how it turned out! And I was so happy that none of the seams landed on the corners!! Woohoo

I popped outside for some photos before I threw it in the wash

This finished 48×54 and now sits in my Charity pile waiting for a home.

I got a little motivation last week to unfold my Rainbow Postage stamp top and laid it across the ironing board…it sat that way for 3 days before I put it away again to start something else – UGH!


Since it appears we’ll be wearing masks for a very long time, I went searching for a pattern that would provide more space between my mouth and the fabric, I find it very restricting to have the fabric so close to my face. I went to YT and very quickly found a tutorial, I gave it a shot…and…I LOVE IT!!

I posted this picture on FB and now I’m getting requests from family & friends to make some for them…ugh, I wasn’t trying to turn this into a business!!

I’ve already made some for my Niece, her wife and their 2.5yo daughter, I’m making some for my Uncle in CA and I’m making some for a neighbor. Now I have to decide if I’ll make some for the others who have asked, I have no idea what to charge and then of course I’ll add in postage.


That’s all for now…Stay safe & stay strong 🙂

Have a great rest of your weekend and if you’re in the US I hope you enjoyed the holiday!!

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