Not sure what to write about this week cuz there just hasn’t been much going on…

I received several messages from family & friends about making them the ‘breathable’ mask I found online last week so I got that to work on that. Of course I did not take any pictures of those masks before mailing them out 😦

I made 3 for my Uncle in California, 3 for my Cousin in WVa, 2 for friends in our neighborhood and 3 for friends in California. I may make a few more for a co-worker in IL but otherwise I’m done for now.

While pulling fabrics for their masks I ran across this beautiful lilac swan fabric and just HAD to make another masks for me!! Ha!

I did do some basting yesterday, I finally pulled out the Chandelier quilt I made way back in March and glue basted it. Now I’m stuck on how I want to quilt it. I’ve searched Pinterest to get ideas how others have quilted theirs but nothing is speaking to me. I guess it will hang on my ironing board until I figure it out 😦

Short & sweet for today… Stay safe & stay strong 🙂

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