Village quilt – Tada!

I FINALLY started quilting the Village quilt Friday evening and finished binding it late yesterday evening – after all the ‘hemming & hawing’ it feels really good to have it done!

I snapped a few pictures to document my progress – this is a picture of the quilting a quarter of the way done, it shows up better on the backside. I used two pieces of yardage to make the back.

Here’s a similar shot half way done…

The quilting is done…now on to squaring it up and binding

And here’s the big reveal… front & back

Here’s a close up of the binding, I wanted something multi-colored – I found this in my stash for the WIN!!

I used a different spray baste product this time and although it went on well I had to keep re-ironing the backing before quilting each section to ‘reactivate’ the hold. I was so hopeful about this one because it’s by the same company that makes HeatnBond and I’m not sure if it was the spray baste or the fabric that was causing the issue. The yardage was from Connecting Threads and it had a slinky, slippery feel to it so I’m thinking that may have been the issue because I didn’t have any problems on the top. I’ll try it again on my next quilt and see what happens!

That’s about all for now…have a great rest of your weekend

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