Still Playing Around

I’m still playing around with the design idea I started over two weeks ago. I made almost zero progress last week so I didn’t even bother posting. I found some motivation this week and moved things along.

The inspiration for this came from seeing posts with Mountain blocks – I wondered what it would look like if I sewed the cut strips end to end instead of into the mountain blocks.

I started with 9″ blocks cut from 12 FQs, paired them with blocks cut from silver gray yardage and got two 8.5″ HSTs from each set. I then cut 2.5″ strips changing the angle for each HST – there is very little waste.

I arranged the strips in a pleasing color order then on the second stack I moved the top strip to the bottom, on the third stack I moved the top two strips to the bottom and so on. From there I pulled a strip from each set to make a stack of 8, this made 9 stacks.

And here’s what I have so far! I have one more set of 9 stacks to piece then I’ll play with layout. I have no idea what to call this, any ideas???

I pulled out my Fall decorations yesterday and put a few things out…not really in the mood :-/ The temps dipped into the 60’s-70’s last week but they rebounded to muggy 80’s this week.

The French Open started today – I’ll be watching as I piece the strips sets. With the time difference in Paris, most matches will be finished by early afternoon Eastern time and then there’s Football!

That’s about all for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

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