Making a Christmas quilt

I no sooner finished my Wonky Stars and I started making another quilt. I only have one Christmas quilt so I decided I need to make another. Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict started making a postage stamp quilt with Christmas fabrics and I’ve used her technique before to make a quilt I lay at the foot of my bed… so it was a no brainer!

I pulled all my holiday fabrics together and if my math was correct I had just enough fat quarters so I started cutting strips. As I did with my last postage stamp quilt, I cut my strips 3.5″. I tossed them all in a plastic bin and then started pairing them up into sets of four.

From there I pieced them all into strip sets and ironed the seams open. I don’t usually take the time to press seams open but it really helps in this situation! Aren’t they pretty!

Over the next couple of days I cut 3.5″ strips from each set. I was able to get 6 strips from most of them. Then I put them in sets of 4 to be pieced into a 16 square block, I had enough for 36 blocks.

There were about 10 strips left over so I’ve decided to add one additional row to the last set of blocks to make the quilt 3″ longer than it will be wider.

And here are all the blocks up on my design wall, they’re not pieced together yet, I like to leave them for a day or two so I can determine if I have any matching fabrics too close

from the left side
from the right side

The lighting is not so good in these pictures… the colors at the top are much closer to the true shades. I’m going to piece this by sewing the blocks into 4-patches then sewing those together. I hope to get that done while watching football today.

That’s about all for now… have a great rest of your weekend!!

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