Holiday apathy?

Yeah, unfortunately I’m not much in the holiday spirit but I’ve been trying to change that! I made a Christmas quilt, we pulled out the tree, I (minimally) decorated, I made Christmas cookies (with issues) and I’ve been listening to Christmas music for days – nothing is working! I guess it’s just going to be one of those holidays where I’ll be happy when it’s done.

There really isn’t much more to say… I still have not been in my sewing room to sew or quilt, not one single day 😦 I did look on Pinterest last night to see what 2021 quilt alongs have been posted but nothing really ‘hit’ me. Ugh, I can’t wait for this mood to pass!!

I did go for a run yesterday, the first time in over a week since I tweaked my left calf muscle. It felt OK but I only went out for 20 mins so as not to have the issue come back. I’ve been watching more TV lately – I usually watch sports (tennis & NFL) but I’ve also been sporadically catching up on episodes of The Crown on Netflix. It’s a good show but sometimes it’s a little slow.

And that’s all folks… I hope you have an awesome and very Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Holiday apathy?

  1. Your mojo seems to be in less than low mode. That’s ok and understandable. Holidays wishes for you and yours! I am thankful I follow your blog! Your quilts are spectacular all year. Take your quilting break knowing you have inspired many of us along! May your mojo return soon!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, they really do mean a lot to me ❤ I'm still looking for QAL for 2021 and think I found one I like "Debby Brown's Color Block Challenge". I've been thinking about all the possibilities so I'm hopeful I will get started when I'm off work the week after Christmas 🙂

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  2. I call what you are going thru the Covid Blues. Nothing is exciting right now. Shopping for gifts usually are so much fun are just a chore. All the baking and planning for get togethers is still being done, but could cancel and be ok with it. Let’s hope and pray for a better 2010. Get a glass of wine, or cup of coffee or tea and curl up with a good book and say goodbye world for a while. It does help.

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